GK Question asked SSC CHSL Tier-I Exam 2016 – 7th January 2017

Hello Aspirants !!

In this post we are sharing some of General Awareness/ General Science Questions which was asked in Second shift of SSC CHSL Tier I Exam  held on 7th january 2017. The overall level of the paper was of easy .


  1. Amoeba belong to which group – Protista

  2. Malaria caused by – Plasmodium parasite

  3. Navy act passed in which year – 1927

  4. Pulitzer prize established in which year – 1917

  5. What is property of alkali metal group

  6. longest national Highway in India  – NH 7 

  7. Which planet is not dwarf – Mars 

  8. karma folk dance related to which state – Madhya Pradesh

  9. Who invented barometer – Evangelista Torricelli

  10. largest organ of Human body – Skin

  11. Hollywood is located in – Los Angeles, California

  12. Kangchenjunga is where –  Sikkim

  13. Ajit bajaj related to which sport  – skied

  14.  Which animal produce Sulphur –

  15. 1st Battle of Panipat fought between – Babur and the Lodi Empire

  16. If air was not present then what happen when object is fallen down –


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