GA Question asked IPPB PO Mains 2016-17

In this post we are sharing some of the General Awareness question asked in India Post Payment Bank IPPB PO Mains Examination held on 29th January 2017. 


  1. What is the Full form of  EMI –  Equated Monthly Installment
  2. Christiano Ronaldo is associated with which of the following sport – Football
  3. Gandhi stadium is located in which of the following city – Jalandhar, Punjab
  4. Asian Games 2018 will be hosted by which country – Indonesia
  5. How much stake of govt. in India post payment Bank? – 100%
  6. Which day observed on 3rd March – World Wildlife Day
  7. In USSD – U stands for – Unstructured Supplementary Service Data.
  8. Which of the following banks has drop their plan to open Payment Bank – Tech Manindra
  9. Own share holder of the payment bank have to maintain their share till first five year of opening –
  10. Bade fateh ali khan passed away recently was associated with which of the following field – Pakistani Vocalist
  11. Availability of cash – POS [ Point of Sale ]
  12. One person can obtain loan from one bank,and also he can again go for loan in other bank,,,its called which type of financing or banking-
  13. Maharana Pratap sagar Dam is located in which state – Himachal pradesh, Kangra
  14. Licence provided to payment bank is comes under which of the following act –  Section 22 of the Banking Regulation Act, 1949
  15. Padhar dance is the folk dance of which state of India – Gujrat
  16. What is the Capital of Jordan – Amman
  17. Who is the Author of the Book “Death under the Deodars” – Ruskin Bond
  18. National Ice skating championship 2017 will be held in which city – Gurugram
  19. Vansda National park is located in which of the following state – Gujarat
  20. The International kite festival is held in which state of India  – Gujarat
  21. PM Krishi Sinchayee Yojana Outlay for the year 2015-16 – Rs. 5300 crore
  22. Subsidy offered on interest rates is known as –   Interest subvention
  23. Where is the HQ of Islamic Military Alliance to Fight Terrorism (IMAFT) –  Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
  24. Committee formed for Modernizing the monetary policy framework is headed by – B N Srikrishna Committee
  25. “Banking” defined in which of the following Act – Section 5(b) of the Banking Regulation Act, 1949
  26. Ownership/Voting right for Payments Bank capped at 10% can be extended up to what percentage – 26%
  27. International transaction between two individuals present in different countries is known as  – Cross Border Payment.
  28. Apart from savings account what type of account can have balance upto 1lakh in payment banks – Current Account
  29. Which loans can be transferred under priority sector lending ?
  30. Commercial papers is which type of Instrument – Money market instruments 






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