GA Questions asked IBPS Clerk Mains 2017 – 21st January 2018 IBPS Clerk Mains 2017 General Awareness Questions

GA-GK Questions IBPS Clerk Mains 2017 : Dear Aspirants, In this post we are providing you the general awareness questions asked in today’s IBPS Clerk Mains Examination 2017 conducted on 21st January 2018.


1. Vienna is the capital of which country – Austria

2. Balphakram National Park is located in which state  – Meghalaya

3. Achnakamer wildlife sanctuary is located in which state – Mungeli district, Chhattisgarh

4. 3rd International Conference on Yoga held in which city –  New Delhi (theme – Yoga for wellness )

5. Which city has hosted the Meeting of 48 governor –  Rashtrapati Bhavan. New Delhi

6. JRD Tata sport memorial situated in which city – Jamshedpur

7. Ukai dam situated in which state/city – Surat, Gujarat

8. Credit card facility not given by – Payment Bank

9. Hand in hand Joint military exercise held between which countries –  India & China

10. Who is heading committee for China relationship – Shashi Tharoor

11. Who is lekh tandon – Indian filmmaker and actor

12. SCO (Shanghai Cooperation Organisation) summit 2017, held in which country – Astana, Kazakhstan.

13. Question related to Initial coin –  Crypto currency

14. Savings & current account is known as – CASA ratio

15. Bharatiya Reserve bank Note Mudran press located in which cities – Salboni & Mysore

16. Who is the current Vice Chairman of Niti Aayog –  Dr. Rajiv Kumar

17. Which Indian state first to start adjournment online – Rajasthan

18. What is the full form of LAF- Liquidity adjustment facility

19. In Nach, “H” stands for what –  National Automated Clearing House 

20. Sanjeev stalin is associated with which of the following game – Football

21. In 2017, Economic nobel prize given to whom – Richard Thaler

22. Interest rate is known as which risk – Market risk

23. Who is the governor of Arunachal Pradesh –   BD Mishra.

24. What is the Full form of CAGR- Compound Annual Growth Rate.

25. Dhirubhai Ambani Solar Park is situated in which state – Rajasthan.

26.  What does A stand for in FATF – Action

27. What is the Tenure of call money- 1 to 14 Days

28. In GDR, G stands for what – Global depository receipt 

29. What does ‘M’ stands for in SFM messaging?

30. NISM (National Institute of Securities Markets) established by which institute – SEBI

31.  CRISIL is which type of company? – Rating ( Analytical)

32. Credit Guarantee Fund for PMMY – CGTMSE

33.  What does L stand for in ELSS? –Equity-linked saving scheme

34. Who was the Winner of China Open Singles Men Title 2017 – Rafael Nadal.

35. Virendra Singh’s constituency – Tikamgrah (Madhya Pradesh)

36.  Who regulates micro finance given by NBFC- Reserve Bank of India

37. One question related to Varishth pension Yojana

38. Headquarter of UCO Bank is located in which city – Kolkata

39. Multilateral Institute Guarantee Agency (MIGA) headquarters located in which country – Washington D.C (USA)

40. Headquarter of National chemical and fertilizer  is located in – Mumbai

41. Which of the following criteria is required for a bank to be Domestic Systemically Important Banks (D-SIBs) –

42. New Mechanism to Clear Foreign Direct Investments in how many days – 60 Days

43. Kisan credit card not given by which institution ?

44. Provident Fund withdrawal has been increased from Rs.30,000 to – Rs. 50000

45. Which port in Libya has reopened for the first time in three years after being forced to cease operations – Benghazi port

46. Reduction in amount of loan over period of time is known as – Amortization