GA Questions asked NICL AO Mains 2017 – 2nd July 2017 | NICL AO GK Questions


GK Questions asked NICL AO 2017 : Dear Aspirants, In this post we are providing you the General Awareness Questions asked in NICL AO Mains Examination conducted on 2nd July 2017. GK Questions asked in National Insurance Exam given below.


  1. What is the venue of Summer Olympics 2020 – Tokyo, Japan
  2. Which organisation regulates Pension products in India – PFRDA
  3. What does “I” stands in TIES – Trade Infrastructure for Export Scheme
  4. Which city becomes first in India to get Underground water metro Tunnel – kolkata
  5. Dudhwa National park is located in which of the following State – Uttar Pradesh
  6. Kamuthi solar Power Plant is located in which Indian state – Tamil Nadu (Kamuthi)
  7. Who is the current President of Portugal –   Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa
  8. Mission 11 Million is an initiative by Sport ministry related to which sports – Football
  9. South Asian Speakers Summit 2017 held in which of the following city – Indore 
  10. How much fund allotted for MGNREGA in Budget 2017 – Rs. 48,000 crore
  11. According to Economic Survey, what is the Industrial growth rate in FY17 – 5.2%
  12. Which of the following is the Reason for increase in Forex – 
  13. Which day is observed on 20th June every year – World Refugee day
  14. Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sichayi Yojna – 
  15. What is meant by the term “Double insurance” – 
  16. In Insurance sector, “Actuary” meant by what ?
  17.  Life insurance contract designed to pay a lump sum after a specific term or on death  – Endowment Policy
  18.  What is the Definition of “Waiver of premium rider” – 
  19. A person or company registered as an adviser related to insurance cover on behalf of a client – Broker
  20. “Yves Meyer” receives Abel prize given in which field – Mathematics
  21. Sunder lal Patwa recently died, was the former Chief Minister of which State- Madhya Pradesh
  22. What does “S” Stands for what in FSDC – Financial Stability and Development Council
  23. India by Nile 2017 festival held in which country – Egypt
  24. UNESCO named which of the city as World book capital 2018 – Athens
  25. Which of the following represents 12th Five year Plan – 
  26.  The final of the FIFA U-17 World cup will be held in which of the following Stadium – Salt Lake Stadium (Kolkata)
  27. Who is the CEO of Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation – Susan desmond-hellmann
  28.  What is the Capital requirements of Health insurance under IRDA – 
  29. Indiafirst life insurance is a joint venture between which two Banks – Andhra Bank & Bank of Baroda
  30. Which banks are authorized to give loans under PMMY – Scheduled Commercial banks
  31. What is the Capital of Uganda – Kampala
  32. Brahmaputra Literary Festival 2017 held in which state – Assam
  33. What is the Male Literacy rate in India according to census 2011 – 82.14%
  34. Which Indian State has recently signs MoU with Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation – Odisha
  35. Cassini Spacecraft belongs to which of the following countries – U.S.A (NASA)






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