GK Questions asked BOB Manipal PO 2018 1st Shift – Bank of Baroda PO 2018 General Awareness Questions

GK Questions asked BOB Manipal PO 2018 1st Shift : Dear Aspirants, In this post we are providing you the general awareness questions asked in First Shift of BOB Manipal PO 2018 online examination conducted on 28th July 2018.


BOB Manipal PO 2018 Exam Analysis


  1. In WIPO, P stands for what ?  World Intellectual Property Organization
  2. In CFMS, C stands For – Centralised Funds Management System
  3. Gol Gumbaz is located in which state –  Vijayapura, Karnataka
  4. Lakhwar dam built on which river – Yamuna
  5. Ankita raina is related to which field – Tennis Player
  6. According to CSO, wgat is the GDP forecast of India in 4th quarter – 7.7%
  7. Currency swap related to –
  8. In which city of Jharkhand, Plastic park is located – Deoghar
  9. Who is the head of Bank Board Bureau – Bhanu Pratap Sharma
  10. What we get when we deduct depriciation from GNP
  11. Credit rating agencies regulated by – SEBI
  12. Jabalpur city situated on which river – Narmada
  13. Harimau shakti is the joint military exercise between which countries – India & Malaysia
  14. NACH is implemented by – National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) 
  15. Minimum Age required  in Sukanya Samriddhi Yojna – 0 years
  16. In Aayush scheme how much  insurance amount cover – 
  17. What is RBI angel fund limit –
  18. Shirui lily festival is celebrated in which state – Manipur
  19. Bilateral Annual Summit – India -Japan Strategic Dialogue
  20. Stockholm is the capital of which country – Sweden
  21. Malaria summit 2018 was held in which country/city – London, UK
  22. Innovation in India Funded $125 million by which bank – World Bank
  23. Who won the 2017 Tennis Monte Carlo masters Cup – Rafael Nadal
  24. In which year Bandhan bank was established – 2014
  25. Indira Gandhi Memorial Tulip garden, previously Model Floriculture Center, is a tulip garden located  in – Srinagar
  26. What is the Tenure of Sovereign gold bold account – 8 years
  27. Where is the ISRO subsidiaries HQ located –
  28. Recent cross border policy issued by which ministry –
  29. Kottayam Pushpanath who passed away recently was associated with which field – Novelist
  30. If currency appreciated then what will happen  –
  31. Every year, May 29 is celebrated as –  International Day of United Nation Peacemakers
  32. Bijapur city is located in which state – Karnataka
  33. M. A. Chidambaram Stadium or Chepauk Stadium is a cricket stadium in- Chennai
  34.  India’s rank in the latest Commonwealth Innovation Index (CII- 2018)- 10th.


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