IBPS Clerk Job Profile & Salary Details

Dear Aspirants, In this article we are providing you the information about Job Profile and Salary details of Bank Clerks.

The Final Result of IBPS Clerk will be declared on 1st April 2017.

On the basis of your performance in the IBPS Clerk Mains Exam, selected candidates will be given provisional allotment by respective banks.


Job Profile of a Clerk :


Various jobs performed by a clerk in branch can be summarized as follows :

  • Head Cashier, responsible for handling cash and gold loans. Head cashier is accountable for all the gold loans i.e.safety of the physical gold. He/She is also responsible for the cash balance in the branch and associated ATM 24×7 and needs to arrange for remittances as and when needed. He/She is the joint custodian of both cash and gold and has one set of keys to the vault while the other is usually with accountant.
  • Teller (CASH) helps people with their cash transactions. He/She is given a certain sum of cash in the morning by the Head Cashier, then he/she accepts requests of withdrawal/deposit from customers up to a sum of rupees thirty five thousand only. (Transactions of higher worth are handled by head cashier only.) At the end of the day, he/she handovers the entire cash with him/her to the Head cashier. The responsibility of teller ends here.
  • Single Window Operator (SWO) is usually assigned a counter. SWO helps customers by entertaining their requests including but not limited to balance enquiry, statement requests. He/She also assists the service manager in opening accounts, opening fixed deposits, modifying account information and so on.
    A clerk is either assigned to a branch or to a Regional/Zonal/Head office.


Role of Bank Clerk involves :

  1. Bank Clerks are the first point of contact for enquiries and guidance of the customers.
  2. They are responsible for Deposit and withdrawal of Cash by the customers. They also undertakes the receipt of cheques, and pay orders.
  3. Attending to customer’s requirements like passing of cheques, withdrawal slips, drafts, dividend warrants.
  4. Ensuring compliance to KYC (Know Your Customer) guidelines by RBI at the time of initial opening of Savings, Current Accounts.
  5. Explaining the salient features of bank’s products to customer & canvassing business.
  6. Maintaining & updating accounts of customers.
  7. Scrutinizing the request of customer ( in case of  credit requirement by a customer)
  8. Follow up of  customer by calling them in case of Advances.
  9. Helping the officials to prepare the files or relevant documents.


Note : In a regional / Zonal / Head office, a clerk is usually given a department and his job role depends on the department. 


Salary :

  • A Bank Clerk is entitled to get some allowances in addition to basic pay which are same in almost all the Public Sector Banks.
  •  Rs 12,812 is the Basic pay.
  • After the 10th Bipartite Wage Settlement of 2015, a bank clerk is entitled to get a salary of Rs 21,990 with in hand salary of Rs 19,461. Salary may vary a little bit  from bank to bank.


IBPS Clerk Job Profile & Salary Details

The main allowances that a Bank Clerk gets are following :

Dearness Allowance: In Bank, DA is revised quarterly and is based on CPI as declared by the banks.
House Rent Allowance: This varies according to Clerk’s place of posting, depends upon metros, big cities and other locations.
Medical Allowance: This allowance is paid annually. And for a clerk it is fixed at Rs 2,000.


Promotion :

  • After Selection, Bank Clerk works for 6 months under probation period.
  • In two year duration, Clerk get promoted to higher post through the promotional exams. After successfully passing the exam, they get a chance to work as an Officer in the Bank.
  • Promotion of an individual is judged by the performance.
  • After working 3-4 years, you may also apply jobs in Private Banks to get better position as they wants to recruit candidates with experience.