IBPS PO Prelims 2016 Second Shift Analysis – 16th October

IBPS PO Prelims 2016 Exam conducts today in total  4 slots [ 9 am, 11.30 am, 2 pm, 4.30 pm ]. Below is the 2nd shift Detailed Analysis along with expected cut off.

Second Shift Analysis ( 16th October) :

 English Language

  1.  Reading Comprehension – 8 Questions

  2.  Cloze Test – 5 Questions (Based on Brexit )

  3.  Spotting Error – 10 Questions

  4.  Parajumbles – 5 Questions (easy – pollution based ) 

    correct arrangement B A E D C F

NO Antonyms and Synonyms was asked


Cloze Test Asked in Second Shift :

So has Britain’s EU membership caused it to be over-regulated? The OECD club of mostly rich countries has compared the extent of regulation in product and labour markets among its members and finds that Britain is among the least regulated countries in Europe [second only to the Netherlands on the first measure and to none on the second, see chart]. Indeed, Britain compares favourably with non-EU countries such as America, Australia and Canada. And there is little to suggest that, if it were to leave the EU, it would tear up many rules: in areas ranging from the environment to financial services, British lobbyists have been in the forefront of those calling for more regulation, and Brexit would be unlikely to change that.
Moreover, if a post-Brexit Britain wanted to retain full access to the single European market, it would almost certainly have to stick with most of the accompanying rules. Eurosceptics have suggested that the 90% of British small businesses which do not export to the rest of the EU should be exempted from all single-market regulation, but that would simply not work, since many of them supply bigger businesses that do export to the EU; and they also face competition within Britain from small firms elsewhere in the EU.
Besides, by far the most intrusive and costly regulations for business are those imposed at home, not by the EU.


Quantitative Aptitude 

  1. Number Series – 5 Questions

  2.  Approximation – 5 Questions

  3. Data Interpretation (2 Sets) – 10 Questions  (Table and Graph)

  4. Quadratic Equation – 5 Questions

  5. Miscellaneous Questions – 10 Questions

Miscellaneous questions include – Age, Mixture Allegation, Partnership, Profit Loss, Average, Boats & Stream, Compound/Simple Interest, Time & Work, etc.

Series  Question asked :

  • 12 19 35 59 90 ?

  • 4 10 27 112 555 ?

  • 16 7 5 6 15 ?

  • 19 23 14 30 5 ?

  • 15 22 36 64  ? 232


 Reasoning Ability 

  1. Syllogism – 5 Questions (easy)

  2. Inequality – 5 Questions   (direct)

  3. Sitting Arrangement (Circular) facing the centre – 5 Questions

  4.  Linear Arrangement (North South) – 5 Questions

  5.  Puzzle – 5 Questions (wire length of A,B,C,D,E,F which one is shortest)

  6. Blood Relation – 3 Questions

  7. Miscellaneous Questions – 4 Questions


Que. A, B, C, D, E, F, G AND H seating in linear straight line some facing north and other south,
E is to the fourth G . G is sitting immediate to the person sitting at one of the extreme ends.
between E and D two persons sitting. B is to the immediate left of D. . Both the neighbor of B faces opposite direction .
A is sitting 2nd left of H. H is immediate right of F.
E and B faces same direction as F .
C is facing south.


Que. A, B, C, D, E and F of different lengths. E is shorter than B and D, but shorter than F. E is not the shortest. F is of 13 cm and second shorter is 4 cm.
Note: All have lengths in whole number.

If B is of 5 cm, then which is true?
If F + A = 23, then A + E = ?


Expected Sectional Cut off for IBPS PO Prelims 2016 :

Quantitative Aptitude : 9-10

Reasoning :  11-12

English  :  7-8


Overall Expected Cut off for General : 39-42



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