IBPS PO Prelims 2016 Third Shift Analysis – 16th October

IBPS PO Prelims 2016 Exam conducts today in total  4 slots [ 9 am, 11.30 am, 2 pm, 4.30 pm ]. Below is the 3rd shift Detail Analysis along with expected cut off.

Third Shift Analysis ( 16th October) :


 English Language (Level – Moderate)

  1.  Reading Comprehension – 8 Questions

  2.  Cloze Test – 7 Questions

  3.  Spotting Errors – 10 Questions

  4.  Parajumbles – 5 Questions  

 No Antonyms and Synonyms was asked.


Cloze Test asked : 

Nudge marketing refers to deliberately manipulating how choices are presented to consumers. Its goal is to influence what consumers choose, either to steer them toward options that the marketer believes are good for them or simply to stimulate purchases and increase sales.

Over a decade of behavioral economics research shows that such nudges are effective in influencing consumer behaviors. Many nudges have virtuous effects, encouraging consumers to donate their organs, reduce their consumption of energy, and save more money.

For example, a supermarket places plastic mats with huge arrows marked “Follow the green arrow for your health” pointing shoppers toward the produce aisle. Within two weeks, produce purchases increase by 9%. A company automatically enrolls new employees in its retirement savings plan unless they opt out. Enrollment in the plan rises from 60% to 95%. A restaurant lists a fish entree at a clearly overpriced $35 on its menu. It is not interested in selling the entree; the fish is there as a decoy to make other, more profitable items appear attractive.
However, not everything about nudge marketing is rosy. In their enthusiasm, marketers have overlooked some fundamental concerns about using nudges. A company that doesn’t understand these minefields could adversely affect its marketing. Nudges that are poorly thought out could be ticking time bombs waiting to explode and damage the company’s reputation and credibility among its loyal customers.


Para-jumble :

1)The environment revolution has been almost three decades in the making, and it has changed forever how companies do business.
2)In the 1960’s and 1970’s, corporation were in a state of denial regarding their impact on the environment.
3)Today many companies have accepted their responsibility to do no harm to the environment.
4)In the industrialized nations, more and more companies are “going green” as they realized that they can reduce pollution and increase profit simultaneously.
5)We have come a long way.
6)But the distance we have travelled will seem small when, in 30 years we look back at the 1990’s.




Quantitative Aptitude (Level –Moderate)

  1. Number Series – 5 Questions

  2.  Approximation – 5 Questions

  3. Data Interpretation (2 Sets) – 10 Questions  

  4. Quadratic Equation – 5 Questions

  5. Miscellaneous Questions – 10 Questions


Series Question 3rd shift :

  • 11 24 44 70 101 ?

  • 14 25 47 91 ?

  • 3555 12 33 136 675 ?

  • 28 32 23 39 14 ?

  • 18 8 6 8 24 ?


 Reasoning Ability (Level – Easy to Moderate) 

  1. Syllogism – 5 Questions

  2. Inequality – 5 Questions   

  3. Sitting Arrangement (Circular) All people facing the centre – 5 Questions

  4.  Linear Arrangement 8 person (North South) – 5 Questions

  5.  Puzzle – 5 Questions (floor based)

  6. Blood Relation – 3 Questions

  7. Direction Questions – 3 Questions



Expected Sectional Cut off for IBPS PO Prelims 2016 :

Quantitative Aptitude : 9-10

Reasoning :  11-12

English  :  7-8

Overall Cut off for General : 39-42



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