IPPB PO 2016 Prelims Exam Analysis First Shift – 8th January 2017

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Today India Post Payment Bank has conducted the Prelims Examination for the Recruitment of Scale-I Officer/ IPPB Probationary Officer. So in this Article we are providing you the First Shift Detailed Analysis of the IPPB PO Prelims Examination 2016-17.


Exam Timings : 8:00 a.m , 10:30 a.m, 1:00 p.m, 3:30 p.m.


Exam Pattern of IPPB Scale-I Officer :

Note : The candidates must pass in each of the above section tests.



IPPB PO Prelims Exam is of Easy to Moderate Level. No change in Pattern as compare to Yesterday Shifts but in Reasoning section 5 Questions came from Machine Input Output which is a bit surprising for candidates.

Day 2 : 8th January 2017 – First Shift Detailed Analysis given below :


English language  (Moderate)

Reading Comprehension – 10 Questions [ Based on British Economy ]

( 4-5 Synonyms and Antonyms were asked in passage )

  • Synonym of –  Like and Stunning
  • Antonym of Struggling, Generous

Cloze Test – 10 Questions [ Easy ] – Based on Africa Transportation

Errors – 10 Questions [ Easy ]


Cloze Test asked : 

Transport is a perpetual problem in Africa. Potholed roads and missing rail links get in the way of economic growth. Intra-regional trade accounts for just 13% of total commerce, compared with 53% in emerging Asia. Landlocked countries suffer the most. Transport costs can make up 50-75% of the retail price of goods in Malawi, Rwanda and Uganda. Shipping a car from China to Tanzania on the Indian Ocean coast costs $4,000, but getting it from there to nearby Uganda can cost another $5,000.
Some trade paths are improving. Governments are slowly making good on long-standing promises to create free-trade zones. Officials from countries in the East African Community and the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa have removed some border restrictions and lowered tariffs. Roads are being built. Aswan and Wadi Halfa will soon be connected by a double-lane tarmac highway with its own border terminal, the first dependable road across the Sahara. It will link to a brand new 1,000km-long desert road going south to Khartoum along the green banks of the Nile.
Africa needs much more of this. The continent could easily end hunger if only farmers were able to get produce across borders, according to a new World Bank report, “Africa Can Help Feed Africa”. Paul Brenton, the author, says  obstacles such as export and import bans, variable import tariffs and quotas, restrictive rules of origin and price controls all prevent consumers in one place from benefiting from staple foods and other resources such as fertiliser in nearby areas. Subsistence farmers who sell surplus crops typically receive less than 20% of the market price. The rest is eaten up by transport and transaction costs, limiting the incentive for farmers to grow more food. One of the most stubbornly persistent problems is roadside checkpoints, which cause delays and attract policemen demanding bribes. 


Reasoning  (Easy – Moderate)


Linear Arrangement – 5 Questions [ 10 person in Two parallel Rows facing North and South ]

Square Arrangement  – 5 Questions ( 8 Persons – 4 facing inwards and 4 facing outwards )

Puzzle  – 5 Questions [ based on 7 persons wedding on 7 different days of the week ]

Syllogism  – 5 Questions [ Easy ]

Coding-Decoding  : 3 Questions [ Easy ]

Inequality – 3 Questions

Input Output – 5 Questions

Miscellaneous : Blood Relation, Age puzzle, word formation, Alphabet Series


Coding Decoding Pattern :

Give me time – tc  ax  bp
time for more – wo  tc  vd
Q. How can time be written ?


Q. No nuts are pastry, Some pastry are cake, some cake are toffee. All toffee are donuts.


Q. C<Z<=A>=F

Q.  R>=C<B<=V, M>B>W


Quantitative Aptitude : ( Moderate)

Simplification/Approximation – 5 Questions [ Easy ]

Number Series – 5 Questions [ Moderate ]

Quadratic Equation –  5 Questions  [ Easy ]

Data Interpretation – 2 sets :  10 Questions [Tabular and Line Graph] 

-Tabular DI Based on percentage of males and females

Miscellaneous : 10 Questions [Questions based on Age, Mixture Allegation, Partnership,Pipes and Cisterns, Profit Loss, Average, Boats & Stream, Compound/Simple Interest, Time & Work, etc.]


Q. A can do a work in 30 days.he worked for 17 days and B also joined him and the work completed in 8 more days, then in how many days B alone can do the work ?

Q. In a mixture of milk and water the ratio of milk and water is 20:3. If 46 liters of mixture is taken out and 4 liters of water is added to it. Now in that mixture water quantity is 20%.Then find the mixture quantity in original.


Number Series Asked in 1st Shift :

  1. 5,  4,  7,  20,  79,  ?
  2. 18,  9,  9,  13.5,  27,  ?
  3. 3,  83,  152,  209,  253,  ?
  4. 318,  160,  82,  44,  ?
  5. 500,  500,  493,  467,  404,  ?


Solution : 

1 ) x1-1….x2-1…x3-1….x4-1

2 ) x0.5….x1….x1.5….x2….x2.5

3 ) 80…..69……57…..44…….30


4 ) x0.5+1….x0.5+2….x0.5+3….x0.5+4

5 )  0…. -7….. -26….. -63…. -124




 Good Attempts : 70+


Please share  your Exam experience/Review in Comment Section Below..!!



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