SBI PO 2017 Prelims Exam Analysis First Shift – 29th April


SBI PO Prelims Exam Analysis 2017 : Dear Aspirants, Today State Bank of India has conducted the Prelims Examination for the Recruitment of Probationary officer for the Year 2017. The Exam will be conducted in total 4 Slots. As the first Shift of SBI PO Prelims Exam is over now, here we are giving you the detailed Analysis of the first shift for SBI PO Prelims Exam 2017.

Post name –  Probationary Officer 

Total Vacancies – 2313



SBI PO Prelims 2017 Exam Pattern :

The examination is consisting of three section namely Quantitative Aptitude, Reasoning Ability and English Language. Total Marks allotted for the paper is 100 marks. Negative marking of 0.25 will be applied on each wrong answer. 

SBI PO 2017 Prelims Exam Pattern
SubjectsQuestionsMarksTime Allotted
Quantitative Aptitude3535Composite Time
of 1 Hour
Reasoning Ability3535
English Language3030

Read the examination review given below of First Slot for SBI PO Prelims 2017 which is conducted from 9:00 a.m – 10:00 a.m.


Reasoning Ability : [Moderate-Difficult]

Puzzles – 4 Sets (20 Questions)

  • Linear Arrangement (8 persons facing north selling candy)
  • Floor Puzzle [ 8 people living on 8 floors studying different engineering subjects]
  • Puzzle - 8 persons having birthday in 2 different dates 10,27 of 4 different months
  • Puzzle - 8 persons born in 8 different years

Inequality - 5 Questions

Blood Relation & Direction Sense – 5 Questions

Coding decoding, Alpha Numeric Series & Order Ranking - 5 Questions

Note : No Syllogism was asked in the exam


Puzzle Asked : 

Q. 8 persons M, N, O, P , Q ,R, S,W have their birthdays on 10th and 27th of four different months i.e March, April, May, June not necessarily in the same order. M has birthday on 10th of a month which is having 31 days. Only one person has birthday before N. Number of persons between M and N is one less than the number of persons between N and W. O and P were held in same month having 30 days ,but not in April. R has birthday after S. Only three persons have birthday between N and Q. O was held before P.

Q. There are eight persons namely A, B, C, D, E, F,G and H has born in the same month of different year i.e. 1969, 1972, 1978, 1981, 1989, 1997, 2000 and 2005. Their age are considered as on the same month of 2016.G is born in even number year, but not born in the year, which does not divisible by 4.A is 36 years old now.B is 17 year older than F, who is 8 years younger than A. There are eight year gap between age of E and age of D. H is nine year younger than C, but not born in 2005. E was born earlier than G.


English Language :  [Moderate]

Reading Comprehension – 1 Set (10 Questions) [Based on Cyber Security]

Note : Synonym and Antonyms (4 Questions) are also asked in Reading comprehension

Cloze Test – 10 Questions [Word correction (New Pattern)]

Phrase Replacement – 10 Questions 


Phrase Replacement Question :

Q. As contrasted with the honeybee, the yellow jacket can sting repeatedly without dying and carries a potent venom that can cause intense pain.

(a) As contrasted with the honeybee.

(b) In contrast to the honeybee’s.

(c) Unlike the sting of the honeybee.

(d) Unlike that of the honeybee.

(e) No Correction required.


Pattern of the Cloze Test :

This is not the same Cloze Test which was asked in exam, but only to show you the Pattern of Cloze Test.


Quantitative Aptitude :  [Moderate]

Simplification/Approximation – 10 Questions

Number Series – 5 Questions

Data Interpretation – 2 Set (10 Question) [Tabular (Male & Female ratio with Percentage) and line graph]

Quadratic Equations - 5 Questions

Miscellaneous  – 10 Questions  (based on Compound/Simple Interest, Time & Work, Pipes and Cisterns, Profit Loss, Probability , Age, Mixture Allegation, Partnership, Average, Boats & Stream etc. )


Number Series Asked in First Shift :

1 ) 14, 8, 9, 14.5, 30, ?

2 ) 77, 85, 69, 101, 37, ?

3 ) 20, 29, 54, 103, 184, ?

4 ) 5, 7, 18, 47, 103, ?

5 ) 7, 8, 18, 57, ?, 1165


Solution : 

1 ) ×0.5+1....×1+1....×1.5+1....×2+1....×2.5+1

2 ) +8.... -16....+32.... -64.... +128

3 ) +3.....+5...... +7.....+9....+11 


4 ) +9....+18.....+27......+36

5) ×1+1.....×2+2..... ×3+3..... ×4+4


Note : Overall difficulty level of the SBI PO Prelims exam 2017 is Moderate-Difficult.

1 ) No major changes was seen in the in the English section apart from Phrase correction which was something new for the candidates. Cloze Test is based on word correction type. Rest topic were same as compare to previous bank exams.

2 ) Reasoning is of Moderate level and out of 4 Puzzles, two were doable but time taking. Rest topics are doable which were based on coding decoding, Inequality, Direction sense, blood relation, Order ranking etc.

3 ) Quantitative Aptitude was the easiest section in all the three sections and of Easy to Moderate level. Number Series and Quadratic equation are the topics in which candidate can secure full marks. 

As the cut off is applied on both Sectional and overall, So candidates must secure the minimum marks in all the three section in order to qualify the prelims examination. Cut off will be decided by the SBI later.


Overall Good Attempts : 55-60


Quantitative Aptitude : 20-25

Reasoning Ability : 17-20

English Language : 18-22


Please Share your exam experience in the comment section below, we will update the Analysis. Stay Tuned..!!

All the Best..!!



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